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Pysanka Egg -   Circles of Life #3, - Goose Egg, Wax-resist andVoices of Ukraine - Ukrainian Hand-Decorated Eggs -

Listing is for 1 Pysanka  - made to order

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About the Pysanky Technique -Ukrainian Hand-Decorated Eggs,are made using the ancient method of wax resist. Lines of wax are applied to the emptied eggshell, using a small tool called a "kistka". The egg is then put into a dye bath, with the wax protecting the covered shell from subsequent color changes. This process is alternately repeated (wax/dye/wax/dye). After the full design is applied, the wax is removed (by melting it over a candle flame and wiping off) to reveal the bright colors underneath. The eggs are then coated with several coats of UV Protective polyurethane.About me and my shop:Writing pysanky is a tradition that has been observed in our household ever since i can remember. It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation of Ukrainians for well over two-thousand years. I am proud to carry on this tradition. I create pysanky with traditional patterns, but i also enjoy creating fresh interpretations and original designs (like my beach-inspired seashell patterns).The pictures show some of the eggs I have in stock at the moment or have recently sold. Call me about a specific egg you are interested in, or call me about a customized and/or personalized design (I can incorporate names / dates into the design). They make great gifts, especially to commemorate a special birthday, anniversary, new home, or just to give to someone special.More designs will be posted shortly.Check back often.You can also find me on Facebook at PysankyByBasia.and visit my other shop on Etsy, MemoBoardsByBasia

sold P405R - Pysanka Egg --Circles of Life #3, - Goose Egg, Wax-resist and

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