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Pysanka Writing Kit - 10 piece

Simple kits to get you started with writing your very own Pysanky - Ukrainian Easter Eggs.
These are created by using the included kistka (a wax pen) to apply melted wax to a eggshell and then the egg is submerged in dye.
This process is repeated with each new color until the design is complete. The wax is then melted off (one of several methods can be used).

I offer several options:
This listing is for a

a 10 piece set , which includes 2 kistkas (#3 Heavy, #2 Medium), 1 block of beeswax, 6 dyes YELLOW - RED - LIGHT GREEN - BLUE - PINK - BLACK ) and instruction pamphlet. Additional Dyes can be

In my other listings, You can also find
a 3 piece set , which include a #2 Medium kistka, 1 block of beeswax, and instruction pamphlet (no dyes). Dyes can be purchased separately.

a 7 piece set,
Which includes a #2 Medium kistka, 1 block of beeswax , 4 dyes (YELLOW - RED - LIGHT GREEN - BLACK ) and an instruction pamphlet.

Other color of dyes are also available - please PM me.

I have limited amounts of other supplies available - contact me with any questions about supplies or process.

Enjoy creating!

S06 - Pysanka Kit (10 piece kit with dyes)

SKU: prod-be9c737426866d550a35557825ec9c
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